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Prestige Group: Why Pre-Launch Is The Best Time To Invest In New Housing Projects


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There are many benefits of buying property in the pre-launch stage. You can book a new home for lower prices and at affordable rates at Prestige Aston Park. When the property moves towards the completion phase, prices naturally go up. Most builders start hiking the prices when construction begins and scale up during the completion phase. Hence, for both parties, investing during pre-launch is profitable.

Another advantage of booking a pre-launch property is that you get to choose from a wider range of options; there are more units available for booking at this stage than once the property has been launched.

Typically, most builders will offer 5-10% discounts on pre-launch properties to attract potential buyers. There is also the benefit of becoming part of their early investor club and getting exclusive offers like parking or club membership along with your property investment.

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Prestige Aston Park Review

Prestige Aston Park is a local area of tip top condo units situated in skyscraper corridors that is an improvement of The Prestige City, Sarjapur street. The Prestige City is the approaching municipality that is being created by the Prestige Group in the beautiful areas of Ittangur in South-East Bangalore.
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